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About Iowa Radon Mitigation & Testing


Iowa Radon Mitigation & Testing Systems is a family owned business.  Since 2002, Bob and Steve (father and son) have been working side by side to install radon mitigation systems to reduce the radon and health risks to the occupants in Iowa homes.

We deeply value our relationships with the clients that we are blessed to work with and are committed to providing them with the highest level of service simply because our clients deserve the very best.

At Iowa Radon Mitigation & Testing Systems we take pride in ensuring our clients are satisfied with the work that we perform and that the radon systems are installed properly to ensure our clients safety and well being.  We follow the EPA guidelines for every situation.

We would be honored to do a radon measurement test or install a radon mitigation system at your home, office or building that you occupy.  Please contact us and we will share with you the information that you need to keep your family safe and cancer free.


We are State certified, licensed, and Insured and we offer:

  • 1 Year Warranty on Labor
  • 5 Year Warranty on our Fans
  • Discounts on Retesting every two years

Iowa Radon Mitigation & Testing Systems LLC

Bob Sisneros

Cell phone:     319.573.6636

Office phone:  319.227.4010

Fax:                319.227.6069




Did You Know?

Areas that Iowa Radon Mitigation & Testing Systems Covers


  • Alburnett, Iowa
  • Amana, Iowa
  • Atkins, Iowa
  • Belle Plaine, Iowa
  • Bertram, Iowa
  • Blairstown, Iowa
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Center Point, Iowa
  • Central City, Iowa
  • Conroy, Iowa
  • Coralville, Iowa
  • East Amana, Iowa
  • Ely, Iowa
  • Fairfax, Iowa
  • Frytown, Iowa
  • Hiawatha, Iowa
  • High Amana, Iowa
  • Hills, Iowa
  • Homestead, Iowa
  • Iowa City, Iowa
  • Kalona, Iowa
  • Keystone, Iowa
  • Ladora,Iowa
  • Lisbon, Iowa
  • Little Amana, Iowa
  • Luzerne, Iowa
  • Marengo, Iowa
  • Marion, Iowa
  • Martelle, Iowa
  • Mechanicsville, Iowa
  • Middle Amana,Iowa
  • Millersburg, Iowa
  • Mount Vernon, Iowa
  • Newhall, Iowa
  • North Liberty, Iowa
  • Norway, Iowa
  • Palo, Iowa
  • Parnell, Iowa
  • Richmond,Iowa
  • Riverside,Iowa
  • Robins, Iowa
  • Shellsburg,Iowa
  • Shueyville, Iowa
  • Solon, Iowa
  • South Amana, Iowa
  • Springville, Iowa
  • Stanwood, Iowa
  • Swisher, Iowa
  • Toddville, Iowa
  • VanHorne, Iowa
  • Victor, Iowa
  • Vinton, Iowa 
  • Watkins, Iowa
  • Walford, Iowa
  • Wellman, Iowa
  • West Amana, Iowa
  • West Branch, Iowa
  • Whittier, Iowa
  • Williamsburg, Iowa